Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why didn't I start this sooner (cont).

On 22 April, 2010, my chair sent an email stating that due to health reasons he would no longer be teaching and would no longer be my chair.  Heartbreak.

I got an incomplete, which is school policy since “I was making progress” and my paper was with committee.  I got an extension so I could get a new chair.

In the meantime, they changed policies and as long as your CP was in committee, you could get a grade posted and move onto the comprehensive exam.  The CP would be finished in DIS #1.  Problem was no chair, no grade.

May 3, 2010.  Received notification of new chair and contacted him via email.  May 7, 2010 still no contact from chair.  May 12, 2010, sent him another email.  This time he replies that he asked to be removed as he has no experience on my topic.  Gee, thanks.

May 14, 2010, I received notification of chair #3.  Was eventually given a grade and allowed to go on to comps.

Nothing gets done on your CP while you are in comps, which is a waste of time.

Our comps are 4 questions that you have to answer in 10-15 page answers.  I know other schools it’s a written exam over a 1-2 day period and you don’t pay for it.  We pay the full course amount and its 12 weeks.

Comps went without a hitch and I passed the first time, whew!!!!!!

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