Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why didn't I start this sooner (cont3).

Well, Chair 5.  I liked chair 5. 
At this point, the CP is entitled
Choosing the Survivalist  Lifestyle: A Phenomenological Study of Living with Stigma and Persecution in the  United States

He was really helpful and seemed to know what he was talking about.  Of course, each time you get a new chair, its like starting all over again.  Each chair has their own ideas and preferences.  Chair 5 thought having both survivalists and preppers in the CP could add to confusion.  Try to limit the use of survivalist.  This is where the CP started to take form in the theory of the evolution of the social movement theory.  Where some survivalists have evolved into the prepper movement.  He did not like the idea of a self-developed instrument. However, no matter how hard I tried there is no way I can used a canned instrument.  There is just no way a previously used instrument would ask the questions needed since there as not been a study on the evolution of survivalists.

One of the biggest frustrations in the dissertation process is that they want you to use instruments that are already validated.  They want you to use scholarly references.  If part of the process of doing a PhD is to bring something new to the scholarly world how can one use stuff that is already done to create something new.  Just tweaking something does not constitute something new in my eyes.

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