Monday, February 21, 2011

Dissertation Proposal (Part 1)

So, my CP was approved on 17 Feb 11.  That night I utilized the DP template to create my proposal and copied over the easy stuff such as my references, definitions of terms and the literature review.

I'm so glad I decided to utilize the schoold DP template.  I didn't for the CP and the table of contents gave me grief every time I updated it.

Utilizing the school template for the DP has made this much easier.  I recommend using templates to everyone.

I didn't do any work on it on Friday or Saturday except for re-working the timeline.  I will have to take a 4th dissertation course, but they only charge for 1 credit.  I am trying to get the DP ready to turn in by 7 Mar, the start of the second dissertation course.

On Sunday, I worked on the appendices for the DP.  I created the informed consent form and the demographic template as well as the interview questions.

Today I will create the observation guide.  As part of my dissertation I will be doing a multiple case study utilizing interviews, observations and blog analysis.

More later.

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